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ical issue when analyzing outcomes Objectives:To aid in the interpretation of Pedi-IKDC scores by characterizing normative data in children and adolescents. Also, to validate the Pedi IKDC by examining differences in Pedi IKDC score Le score de Lysholm et celui de Tegner ont montré une fiabilité test-retest (ICC = 0.9 et 0.8 respectivement), des effets planchers et plafond, une validité contre critère, une validité de construction et une sensibilité au changement (changement minimal détectable de 8.9 pour Lysholm et 1 pour le Tegner ) acceptables. Based on test-retest reliability, the value for a true change in the score was Evidence for Interpretation of the Final Version of the IKDC Subjective Knee Form . IKDC subjective knee form, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in from 28 patients were included in the analysis and they scored an IKDC-SKF  The Lysholm knee score, first introduced into the medical community in 198221 range of motion (IKDC-3), ligament examination (IKDC-4), and the final grade  Seventy-six patients with an ACL injury filled out the IKDC-SKF and other Scores between examiners were compared using analysis of variance. Examination  Aktuelle Funktionsfähigkeit. Auswertung. IKDC-Score: erreichte Punkte (___)/ max.

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IKDC-Score: erreichte Punkte (___)/ max. Punkte (87) x100 =_____ % Interpretation: 100% = normale Funktion Beim Gehen/ Laufen schnell anhalten und starten 4 3 2 1 0 Funktio n Alltagsaktivitäten/Sport unmöglich ! keine Einschränkungen/ Normal Punkte 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Funktio n 2021-01-01 · H1. Mean scores of the IKDC-SKF will be lower at 3 months after ACLR than at 6 months. • H2. IKDC-SKF scores will have a positive correlation with the SANE scores. • H3. IKDC-SKF scores will have a negative correlation with the VAS-ADL scores. • H4. IKDC-SKF scores will have a negative correlation with the VAS-Sports scores.

Possible score range: 0–100, where 100 = no symptoms or disability. Scores are categorized as excellent (95-100), good (84-94), fair (65-83), and poor (≤64) . Normative values.

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IKDC Score = 51.7 The transformed score is interpreted as a measure of function such that higher scores represent higher levels of function and lower levels of symptoms. IKDC Validity Individual patient IKDC scores were reported in four studies, and there were no floor or ceiling effects.17–20 Maximum post-operative IKDC scores (100) were reported in several other studies involving combined surgical reconstruction of cruciate ligaments/PLC,10 21 ACL/MCL,22 and ≥3 ligaments/PCL-based 45.0 (IKDC subjective) at baseline with improvement to 60.9 at 2 years (Table 1). At no time interval was there more than a 3-point difference between the modified Cincinnati Knee Rating System and IKDC subjective scores.

Ikdc score interpretation

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The aim of this study was to translate these questionnaires in Dutch and to recommend which questionnaires should – based on their psychometric properties – be used in clinical practice. Methods In the IKDC score, question 9 is modified by adding the inquiry about squatting in a manner similar to question 8 in the LKS. In the IKDC score, the low-demand sport in question 8 is defined as walking and bicycling rather than golf and bowling. Background The International Knee Documentation Committee Subjective Knee Form (IKDC) and the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score (KOOS) are knee-specific questionnaires that have been widely used and translated into numerous languages. However, the differences in the psychometric properties between the Chinese IKDC and KOOS remain unclear. The purpose of this study was to conduct a The entire IKDC form, which includes a MODEMSTM compatible demographic form, current health assessment form, subjective knee evaluation form, knee history form, surgical documentation form, and knee examination form, may be used as separate forms. Researchers who want to remain MODEMSTM compatible and use benchmarking data are The pedi-IKDC score will not be calculated if more than two items are missing. Per the pedi-IKDC scoring instructions, item 12 does not factor into the overall score.

Your weight qkilograms qpounds 4. Your race (indicate all that apply) The IKDC is a patient-completed tool, which contains sections on knee symptoms (7 items), function (2 items), and sports activities (2 items). Scores range from 0 points (lowest level of function or highest level of symptoms) to 100 points (highest level of function and lowest level of symptoms). Supporting literature. This final number is interpreted as a measure of function with higher scores representing higher levels of function. Overall, the IKDC is a simple and straightforward reporting tool that is easy to use and requires little time to complete. Score interpretation.
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Ikdc score interpretation

utilisation, standardisation, and interpretation of the CRT in sports medicine. Results: Mean IKDC-SKF score was 72 +/- 17 and mean LSI on performance  AI Lund Online Drop-in: AI as a method in social science research, Social network analysis, AI and politics.

In the most recent version, all items now have a minimum score of 0 (for example, 0 to 10). To score these prior versions, you The IKDC is one of the most commonly used instruments to determine the results of ACL reconstruction and other knee operative procedures and has been considered a “gold standard” in the validity analyses and development of other systems.7,9,11,14This chapter describes the history, development, initial forms, and revisions of the IKDC system. We aimed to aid the interpretation of Pedi-IKDC scores by characterizing normative data in children and adolescents and to validate the Pedi-IKDC by examining differences in scores among children who had a history of knee surgery or limited activity compared with those who did not. The International Knee Documentation Committee Subjective Knee Form (IKDC-SKF) is a widely used PROM that evaluates patients' perception of their knee symptoms, ability to return to various levels of sports activities, and function following ACLR.
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Also, to validate the Pedi IKDC by examining differences in Pedi IKDC score 2015-07-01 Score interpretation Higher scores indicate worse pain, stiffness, or physical function. Reported to involve minimal respondent burden Reliability, validity, and responsiveness of the IKDC score questiknnaire meniscus injuries of the knee.