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They come in clearly marked biodegradable UV-resistant sleeves for comfortable handling and algae prevention. With the Uni-Slab… Grodan Wrapped Slab 900 x 300 x 75mm. Grodan RockWool Slab Specification. The grooves at the base of the block ensure that sufficient air and water reaches the roots.

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Water and nutrients are distributed homogeneously throughout the slab reducing mutual differences in substrate values between the slabs to zero. Grodan Uni-Slab™. Gro-Slabs offer a wide control range to steer your crop using simple irrigation strategies. They can also be resaturated quickly and effectively. The WC and EC are distributed uniformly throughout the slabs.

Preventing algae growth. Preventing roots and diseases from … Grodan® Rockwool Gro-Slabs.

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Grodan Stonewool Gro-Slabs. Gro-Slabs provide the final stage for growing a spectacularly large plant.

Grodan slabs

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Muusers indicated that Grodan slabs come in different product types developed to meet the challenges and needs of different crops. “We have different slab types for different applications,” he said. “The slabs differ in fiber orientation and fiber thickness to deliver the kind of functionality a grower is looking for. Med disse Grodan Slabs kan du skære dem ud så de passer til dit behov, eller du kan bruge dem hele og have mange flotte planter på en række. Planterne kan dyrkes fuld tid i disse slabs eller de kan omplantes hydroponisk, aeroponisk, aquaponisk eller i jord blot skær slabs til så den passer i din potte.

Att det sedan blev Grodan i stället för La Grenouille kan tillskrivas stammisarna – de orkade inte säga något annat. At Online Top Garden you will find various brands of rockwool slabs. Rockwool is ideal for growing with not automatic irrigationsystems, rockwool keeps a lot of water inside of it, is compact, light and cheap. Do keep in mind that you need to take out the acids very well with rockwool to maintain the flexibility (minimum pH value of 5).
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Grodan slabs

These slabs come in clearly marked UV resistant poly sleeves for ease of use. Recommended for larger, long term crops with extensive roots like peppers, tomatoes, or cucumbers.

Uni-slab - All plant roots are protected and contained for the life of the plant. The 12” Gro-Slab is considered a wet slab due to its horizontal fibers. It holds more water than other slabs and can support more plants than any stone wool slab.
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